Thursday, April 16, 2015

#SummerOfLoveBooks ~ Get Your Read On!

Hi, everyone! I wanted to let you all know about a fun giveaway I'm taking part in with a host of other authors. It's called the Summer of Love Contest, and if you decide to enter you could win a book a week for the whole summer! Books to lounge with by the pool, books to take on vacation...books to escape the insanity of having all your kids (and their friends and their friend's friends) in your house. All. Summer. Long.

You can find all the details about how to enter here. You've got until May 15, 2015 to's a little bit about the contest:

The contest opens on April 1 and ends May 15, 2015. The winners will be drawn randomly, and we’ll let winners know as soon after May 15 as we can that they’ve won. Each Monday for the sixteen weeks of summer—from Memorial Day to Labor Day—we’ll send out one print book to each of the Grand Prize winners. The second-prize winners will get their collection of 5 books shipped in one package as soon after May 25, 2015 as we can get to the post office.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#TeaserTuesday ~ The Daughter He Wanted

Hi, all! I'm back with another Teaser Tuesday ~ This time from my new Harlequin SuperRomance, The Daughter He Wanted:

Alex buzzed back that he would meet her there and before she could retype the blow-off message Paige tossed her phone into her bag.
It was ridiculous, really, all the weird scenarios that had played out in her head over the past two days. Since inviting him into her home, she’d had a nightmare that he fought her for custody, and then a made-for-TV dream about them falling in love and living happily ever after, complete with more tawny-haired, crooked-smiling kids in her house. Her fifth graders were studying a unit on the human body and Paige caught herself drawing Alex’s image as the model for the male face.

Now she’d have to grade at least two dozen renditions of Alex’s warm eyes and full lips. Paige sighed. This was not how a mature adult would react. A mature adult would hammer out the details of visitation through lawyers. The only lawyers Paige knew were friends of her parents, though, and she wasn’t about to call that kind of drama into her life.

She could do this on her own.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

#CoverReveal ~ Shades of Desire Boxed Set!

Hi, everyone! It's here - well, almost! A few weeks ago, I was asked to join a boxed set with USA Today Bestselling and Award Winning authors. Shades of Desire is what came from that initial meeting; the set is filled with 10 sweet and sexy romances, and there really is something for everyone is the set. Here's a little about the bundle:

Ten titillating tales from USA Today, bestselling and award-winning authors. Step into the world of some of the freshest voices in romance. From spicy secrets to sweet second chances. Come find your perfect shade of desire.
J.A. Coffey - Bestselling Author

Divorced certified fraud examiner Jessica Barlow catches liars for a living. Sparks fly when she’s assigned to investigate a dating website owned by a man determined to guarantee she finds love, even if he has to pretend to be a client!

Wendy Ely - USA Today Bestselling Author

Sometimes good men are taught to do evil things and it takes the strength of a sheltered woman to make things right. When Gabi learns of her father, she is asked to leave for her own safety. Fine. She’ll go... but she is taking her secret love with her, even if it’s at gun-point.

Dorothy Callahan - Bestselling Author

Jess never forgot her first kiss, especially since it came from the guy who taught her everything she knows about antiques, her livelihood. But if she wins the priceless inheritance, Jess will risk losing Darius Covington all over again.

Diane Escalera - Bestselling Author

Shay LaCosta screwed up a damn good marriage. Now she's on a mission to get a little submission, and get her hunky husband back in her bed.

Lena Hart - Bestselling Author

Athena Lewis has a sharp mind and an even sharper attitude. Except when it comes to “Davie,” the only man who’s ever truly made her feel safe. Yet to protect the only family she has left, she must embark on a mission that goes against everything she believes in, and that includes using the last trick she has left. Her body.

Chanta Rand - Bestselling Author and Debut Author of the Year

Thrown together for ninety days by a spiteful judge, womanizing attorney, Cayson Sullivan and street-smart hustler, Destiny Jackson find the only thing they can agree on is their red-hot attraction for each other.

Emma Leigh Reed

Pregnant and running from her abusive boyfriend, Chloe Wilder takes refuge in the sleepy coastal town of Arden. Police chief, Jayden Peterson, thinks the worst crime that could happen in Arden is jaywalking. Could the real danger be the two of them falling for each other?

Cindy Stark - Bestselling Author

Battle-worn soldier, Jerry returns home intending to avoid his ex-fiancĂ©e. The shrapnel that wounded him pales in comparison to the gash she left in his heart. Kimber lost everything when she broke off her engagement, and she’ll fight to win him back.

Valerie Twombly - Bestselling Author

Armand has lost everything. His magic and his freedom are taken when an evil curse is placed on the Jinn, but a newcomer to town may be his savior. When evil emerges from the shadows, Makayla learns she must choose between her mortality and Armand’s freedom.

Kristina Knight - Bestselling Author

Dumped by her celebrity boyfriend, unlucky-in-love author Casey Cash needs a break. But, between the male escort trying to get into her bed and the tabloid reporter intent on getting her story, Casey might have been smarter to stay in New York...

The book is up for pre-order now and is only 99 cents - what a deal!

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